Types of residential proxies: How to choose the right one?

Residential proxies are proxy servers that use IP addresses from real residential devices connected to the internet through local internet service providers, rather than data centers (read more). This means that they appear as regular users to websites and do not raise suspicions.

Main types of proxies

Residential proxies come in different types, depending on the data transmission protocol:

  • CGI,
  • HTTP,
  • HTTPS,
  • SOCKS4,
  • SOCKS5.

Each of them has its own features and is suitable for different tasks. For example, CGI proxies work as web applications and require no configuration, but they are limited to a single browser tab. HTTP and HTTPS proxies support data caching and offer different levels of anonymity. We recommend buying HTTPS proxies, when all internet traffic goes through the browser. SOCKS proxies support additional protocols and can handle any type of traffic. You should buy SOCKS proxies, when you need to work with software and applications installed on your PC and other devices.

How Residential Proxies Work?

This is how it works: You connect to a proxy provider that grants access to a network of thousands or millions of real IP addresses. Then, you choose the desired IP address based on country, city, provider, or other parameters. When you send a request to the target website, it sees the IP address of a real device that willingly shares its connection with the proxy provider.

In this way, you can access content that is not available in your region or hide your identity and location from prying eyes. In other words, residential proxies borrow someone else's IP address from a pool of proxy servers and make it yours, ensuring secure internet access from anywhere in the world.

Residential proxies offer numerous advantages over other types of proxies. They provide a high level of anonymity and security by not revealing your real IP address. They also allow you to bypass geo-restrictions by selecting an IP address from any country in the world.

Practical Applications of Residential Proxies

Fast residential proxies are in demand among web marketers and business owners for ad verification, data scraping, SEO website optimization, SMM promotion, website testing, market price monitoring, and other critical tasks. For example:

1. Residential proxies for Instagram.

These proxies are a reliable and effective way to grow your business or personal brand on the social network. With their help, you can increase your audience, enhance visibility and conversion, bypass blocks by substituting the IP address of another device in the desired country. This allows you to create and manage Instagram accounts without the fear of being banned or restricted. Residential proxies for Instagram ensure high speed and stability when working with the platform. All you need to do is purchase a suitable proxy, connect it to your automation device for Instagram, and configure the parameters such as sessions, rotation, and geolocation.

2. Residential proxies for targeted advertising.

They are necessary when you want to run an effective online advertising campaign. They allow you to bypass blocks and restrictions imposed by advertising networks, websites, and search engines. With their help, you can test your ads from different regions, analyze competitors, gather data about your target audience, and optimize your advertisements for specific markets. Residential proxies differ from other types of proxies, such as server-based or mobile proxies, in that they are more reliable, anonymous, and secure. Server-based proxies can be easily detected and blocked, while mobile proxies tend to be unstable and expensive. Residential proxies, on the other hand, mimic the behavior of real users and do not raise suspicions from advertisers and publishers.

3. Residential proxies for eBay and Amazon.

These proxies are necessary if you plan to sell products on these popular e-commerce platforms. With their help, you can track prices and competitor offers to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your business.

However, not all residential proxies are created equal. To choose the best ones, you need to consider factors such as speed, reliability, geolocation, price, and customer support. On our website, you can purchase elite residential proxies at an affordable price or test high-quality individual, anonymous, private, dedicated, rotating and static proxies for free, suitable for any task. Our proxies work with various platforms and tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and more. Start running successful targeted advertising campaigns and increase your profits today.


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