Residential Proxies and Price Monitoring

Are you involved in e-commerce and tired of constant blocks when conducting marketing research and data scraping? The solution to ban and restriction issues lies in using residential proxies.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Residential proxies act as intermediaries between the user's device and the website, redirecting requests through them. The distinctive feature of residential proxies is that they use "real" home IP addresses provided by local internet service providers. Home IP addresses are not scrutinized as closely by anti-bot systems on websites because they inspire more trust compared to IP addresses from server proxies or data centers.

Therefore, residential proxies are less likely to be blocked. Although the risk of being banned still exists, especially from large web resources like Amazon, which constantly improve their anti-fraud and anti-spam algorithms to combat fraud, bots, and fake accounts. Unfortunately, this can also affect friendly scrapers. However, even if a request is blocked by a website, it will be redirected through another residential proxy server from the pool, ensuring the connection remains intact.

Residential proxies have their pros and cons. On the one hand, they provide high speed, reliability, and security for price monitoring. On the other hand, they can be more expensive, require more complex setup and maintenance, and demand more resources. Therefore, when choosing residential proxies for price monitoring, you need to consider various factors such as budget, goals, data volume, etc.

How Residential Proxies Can Help in Competitor Monitoring?

Why do you need residential proxies for competitor analysis? They allow you to gather data about competitors' prices, product assortments, promotions, reviews, and other parameters without the risk of being detected or banned. You can choose proxies from different countries and cities to compare different markets and audience segments. You can also use residential proxies to check your own position in search engines and social networks, as well as bypass any restrictions or censorship.

To stay competitive in the market, you constantly need to perform price monitoring, which involves collecting and analyzing information about prices for products or services on various platforms. This can be useful for various purposes, such as:

  • competitive analysis,
  • price optimization,
  • identifying discounts and promotions,
  • market research, and more.

Price monitoring can be done manually or automatically using specialized tools and software.

However, price monitoring is not always straightforward and safe, as it may initially seem. Many websites employ various measures to protect against data scraping, such as:

  • captchas,
  • request rate limitations,
  • dynamic content generation, etc.

Additionally, some websites may display different prices depending on the user's location, device, or browsing history. In such cases, using residential proxies can be highly beneficial.

Residential proxies can also be used to simulate different devices and browsers to test the responsiveness and functionality of your e-commerce store or website.

How to Choose Residential Proxies for Competitor Price Monitoring?

It is important to consider several factors such as speed, reliability, anonymity, and cost. Choose proxies from reputable and high-quality providers that offer a wide selection of IP addresses from different countries and cities, guaranteeing high speed and stable connections.

When choosing, pay attention to the protocols supported by the proxies (HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS) and the level of anonymity they provide (transparent, anonymous, or elite). Finally, compare the costs of different packages and pricing plans to select the one that fits your budget and needs.


Residential proxy servers are powerful tools for analyzing competitors in the market, allowing you to obtain up-to-date and reliable information without the risk of being blocked or detected. They help you learn about competitors' strategies and actions and assess your own position and effectiveness.

However, caution must be exercised when using residential proxies, and it is important to adhere to data scraping rules and ethics. Remember that you are not the only one using residential proxies, and your behavior can affect other users and website owners.


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