Buy 4G Residential Mobile Proxies

4G rotating proxies with unmetered bandwidth are the best solution for bypassing blocks or CAPTCHAs while scraping public data. Residential proxies with mobile user agents allow you to deal with any potential challenges that may arise while you conduct your online activities. Furthermore, buying residential and mobile proxies is the best way to obtain thousands of unique IP addresses.

The Power of 4G Mobile Proxies

4G rotating mobile proxies – pure proxy art that provides an abundance of benefits.

Efficient IP Address Change

You can set up an automatic IP address change from a mobile proxy pool of whitelist IPs, or manually change the IP address as needed. Unlike other types of proxies, 4G rotating proxies allow you to change your address as often as needed, even if it is every three minutes.

Just for You

A dedicated mobile proxy is much cheaper than buying a virtual or real SIM card with Internet access, while providing you with the same result. Moreover, you do not even need a mobile phone, you can “simulate” a connection to the mobile network using Proxyma technologies.

Worldwide (including the USA)

Choose from a massive database of addresses located all over the world (USA, Germany, Philippines, Australia, and other locations). For instance, with 4G USA residential proxies, you can obtain an IP address from the United States from any desired mobile carrier.

Truly Fast Speeds

Mobile residential proxies allow you to process data at speeds of up to 100 Mbps, which is enough for even the most demanding tasks. Forget outdated 3G networks and unlock your full processing potential with 4G mobile proxies and 5G speeds. While 5G proxies provide the best service you can get for your money today, mobile 4G is still a competitive solution.

Complete Security and Anonymity

Advanced technologies are key to remaining anonymous online and taking your security to the next level.

Genuinely Unrestricted

Residential proxies with mobile user agents are the best way to bypass various restrictions with zero throttling, high uptime, and without bandwidth limits.

Free Trial

Unleash the full power of Proxyma for free by taking advantage of the trial period.

Various Mobile Carriers

We offer proxies from major carriers. Our mobile proxies provide the IP address of the phone carrier you need.

Ready-Made Proxy Solutions

Ready-made proxy solutions do not require lengthy setup times or complex knowledge. You will receive addresses assigned to your mobile devices as soon as you pay the tariff. From there, you can connect to the mobile proxy servers.

Use Cases of Rotating Mobile Proxies

Rotating mobile proxies allow you to not just hide your actual IP address, but connect to the Internet from dozens of different addresses. This adds an extra layer of security, while allowing you to maintain your anonymity as well as bypass various blocking tools and verification requirements for online services.

Rotating 4G Proxies – A versatile tool for various online activities:

  • Social media work
  • Advertising on various platforms
  • Using Google tools and others
  • Collecting data using software
  • Web scraping
  • And more

4G residential proxies are a reliable solution for any task that requires you to obtain numerous IP addresses, as hiding your own IP is not enough. There are so many cases in which this would be useful (for example, to avoid CAPTCHA when parsing data from Google Maps, while working with Facebook Ads Manager, or working in another geo).

Residential and Mobile Proxies – A no-compromise solution for automation and working with data. Of course, you could buy mobile proxies to work with multiple accounts on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other social platforms, but dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of unique IP addresses reveal their full power on large-scale tasks. For example, 4G rotating proxies come in handy while parsing contacts from Google Maps to eliminate the risk of being blocked.

How to Buy Rotating 4G Proxies?

You are only three steps away from fast and reliable rotating 4G proxies:

  • Free registration
  • Select a country and choose the most appropriate tariff
  • Make your payment

The setup process takes minutes, after which you can start using mobile residential proxies on any device for any task. The exact specifications depend on your plan, such as dedicated or shared IP addresses, countries, etc. Your initial plan can be changed during use, but it is sufficient to choose any other plan.

In case of any problem, our skillful support team will solve your questions or concerns as quickly as possible. Our priority is customer satisfaction. So, whatever you need, you can rely on us. This approach is one of the reasons why customers call our 4G proxies the best on the market.


While there are more than one million mobile IPs, far fewer questions are asked about mobile proxy services since mobile proxies are quite simple in practice. Find out the answers to the most common questions.

What is a Proxy Service?

If you are not an engineer, it is enough to know that a proxy is a way to hide your real IP by replacing it with another one. The icing on the cake is that you really do not need to understand the subtleties of this process, such as “datacenter proxies” or “uptime”, to use the Internet anonymously or change dozens of virtual "identities".

What is the Difference Between a Mobile IP and Other Types of IPs?

Mobile IPs allow you to simulate online activities from mobile devices as if yoг are connected to a cellular network. If IP addresses are assigned to mobile, you can either get that IP on a real phone or via a special proxy infrastructure. In simple terms, it is a way to use the Internet as if you were using a real mobile device, but in reality, you use a computer or special software. No matter where you use the proxy, you will have a mobile IP address.

Is a 5G proxy faster than a 4G or 3G proxy?

Different proxies provide different Internet speeds. While there are various types of proxies (5G, 4G LTE, 3G, or other), it is most important to check the claimed speed of your proxy. Some LTE proxies are faster than others, just as some 5G mobile proxies can be slower than others.

What Are the Best Mobile Proxies?

The best proxy is whichever one is right for you. We, at Proxyma, strive to offer only reliable mobile proxies with a high success rate. Our service can be called Premium Proxy; however, we strive to offer affordable prices, so you can use mobile proxies at low prices. Our services are far superior in quality and stability to any free mobile proxies. In addition, we offer a free trial, which allows everyone to use our services.

How to Choose a Mobile Proxy Network?

You do not need to know how proxies work. It is only important for you to understand what your task is and choose a network based on that. For example, ask yourself if you need mobile proxies for Instagram, a social proxy, or any other mobile proxies. Some mobile proxies offer solutions for all tasks at once, and these are the ones we work with at Proxyma. Using our residential proxies, you can solve any task on the Internet.

Are Premium Proxies Better Than Other Proxies?

The best proxies are called Premium proxies (i.e., the fastest, most stable, etc.) Proxyma is one of the rare mobile proxy providers striving to deliver the highest quality to every client, so you can rely on all mobile proxy IP addresses you receive from us.

What Can Be Done Using Our Residential Proxies

We offer various IP blocks from different countries. You can choose the right one for your task. For example, if your task is related to the US market, then rotating residential proxies from the category "USA mobile" will best allow you to solve it. We offer fast speeds and always fresh proxies, with addresses from various mobile network operators, that are perfect for any task.

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Our proxies have a wide coverage as proxy servers are located all over the world
Igor B.
12 Mar 2024
Very satisfied. Got a top proxy right on my phone, allowing me to use the internet safely and anonymously. The setup was easy, connection was solid, and I appreciated the privacy and uniqueness of the provided IP address. Definitely recommend for purchase.
Alexander M.
21 Nov 2023
Rented a package of proxy servers for my needs and was very pleased. Accessed proxies, bypassed all blocks:) Server addresses were reliable and provided stable traffic. Especially liked the option to choose the geo. Overall, excellent service!
Max Marchenko
3 Feb 2024
I have been renting servers for a long time, and this service is the most reliable and affordable. Got private and individual IP addresses. Connection speed is high, and the availability of choosing different countries, rotation periods, and output formats added extra flexibility. Very satisfied and recommend to all new clients.
Ivan Kirov
17 Oct 2023
The service provides excellent opportunities. For this money, it's almost like getting a free proxy list. Individual IP addresses and high speed. Anonymous surfing on the web. Very satisfied and recommend!