What is Multi-Accounting and Why is it Needed?

Multi-accounting is a method of using multiple accounts on online platforms where typically only one account per user is allowed. This enables users to gain advantages in various areas, such as participating in AirDrops, bypassing trade restrictions, attracting more traffic for arbitrage, and other purposes where using multiple accounts can be highly beneficial.

How to Avoid Lockouts for Multi-Accounting?

To avoid account lockouts when engaging in multi-accounting, users can employ specialized software, such as anti-detect browsers and proxy servers.

Anti-detect browsers provide tools for managing multiple accounts, allowing users to customize unique parameters for each account, such as device fingerprints and proxies.

Proxy servers act as intermediaries between the user and the internet, ensuring anonymity and security when dealing with multiple accounts. Residential proxies are particularly well-suited for multi-accounting, offering greater anonymity and reliability, making them less prone to easy recognition and blocks. Additionally, they provide a wide range of geographic locations since the pool of residential proxies from providers is distributed globally.

Which Anti-Detect Browser and Proxy to Choose?

For multi-accounting, it is recommended to use high-quality residential proxies that provide IP addresses belonging to real users. Proxyma, for example, offers such residential proxies for various purposes, including traffic arbitrage and marketing.