Proxy Servers for ReCAPTCHA: How to Choose and What's the Difference?

Do we need to tell our team something about the digitization of processes and other obvious aspects of modern life? We don't think so. But the consequences of such digitization can be seen by everyone. One of them is the emergence of ReCAPTCHA.

What is ReCAPTCHA?

ReCAPTCHA is a special verification element that is part of a system to protect websites from bots.

Types of ReCAPTCHA:

  • Simple tasks with input responses.
  • Image selection tasks.
  • Correct selection of a specific item from a list.
  • Puzzles with moving an element (puzzle) to the correct place.
  • Input of characters from an image.

ReCAPTCHA helps the security system distinguish an ordinary user from a bot. Despite the fact that it helps to fight spam, it hinders those users who work on the internet. Why? It negatively affects parsing speed. It can reduce speed several times.

In addition to captcha varieties, there are also many versions of it:

  • hCaptcha.
  • KeyCaptcha.
  • Capy Puzzle.
  • Arkose Labs FunCaptcha.
  • Geetest.
  • Geetest v4.
  • Lemin Cropped Captcha.
  • Cloudflare Turnstile.
  • Amazon WAF.
  • CyberSiARA.
  • reCAPTCHA V2.
  • reCAPTCHA Enterprise V2.
  • MTCaptcha.
  • DataDome CAPTCHA.

Initially, the protection tool was simply called “CAPTCHA,” and subsequent improved versions were called “ReCAPTCHA.”

What has changed?

  1. The security system analyzes a unique fingerprint.
  2. It analyzes the user's behavior in detail when interacting with the captcha.
  3. The following aspects may be taken into account: device type, IP address, authorization in Google services, OS, and its version.

Who might need proxies for ReCAPTCHA?

Proxies for ReCAPTCHA are used by arbitrageurs, marketers, and other professions that are related to online presence. Here are some of the most popular uses of proxies for ReCAPTCHA.

Automated testing of web applications.

Software developers and testers sometimes use proxies to simulate traffic from different regions and check how their websites handle reCAPTCHA. This helps ensure that the site is accessible and works correctly for all users, regardless of their location.

Bypassing IP address restrictions.

Some services may block or limit access after several attempts to pass reCAPTCHA from one IP address. Using proxies allows you to change the IP address to continue working without blocks.

Scaling automation.

When automating certain tasks (data collection or web page parsing), proxies are used to create multiple requests to services. Proxies help distribute requests in such a way that they appear to be coming from different users.

What to look for when choosing a proxy for ReCAPTCHA?

Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Type of proxy server.
  • Speed of operation.
  • Supported protocols.
  • Traffic volume.
  • Server region.

Which one is suitable for ReCAPTCHA?

  • Residential proxies. Residential proxies provide IP addresses that are associated with real internet providers. They appear more legitimate to site security systems. This reduces the likelihood of blocking or arousing suspicion when passing reCAPTCHA.
  • Rotating proxies. These proxies automatically and periodically change IP addresses, which helps to avoid restrictions on the number of requests from one IP address. The trick is that they can send each new request from a new IP address. This greatly simplifies workflows and saves time.
  • Dedicated proxies. Dedicated proxies guarantee the use of a stable and unique IP address, which can be useful for long working sessions.

If you are unsure or want to get advice, you can always contact support. The operators will quickly answer all your questions and help you choose a package.

Why choose proxies from Proxyma?

If you haven't yet figured out where to buy proxies for ReCAPTCHA, our team is always ready to help. Choose proxy servers from Proxyma. Why trust us?

  1. Active support service that works 24/7.
  2. IP address allocation is done automatically.
  3. We guarantee a refund within 24 hours if there are server issues.
  4. Vast selection of proxies.
  5. We offer servers all over the world: from Asia to America.
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  8. Guarantee of data protection and security for users.

FAQ. Answers to Popular Questions

How much do proxies for ReCAPTCHA cost?

The cost of proxy servers for captcha varies. It all depends on the technical characteristics of the proxy. To find out the exact cost, contact support or check our catalog with prices and offers.

What problems can I face when choosing a proxy?

The main problem is to determine the characteristics of the proxy that you need for work tasks, including ensuring security. When choosing a proxy, pay attention to its characteristics: protocols it supports, speed, GEO, traffic volume.

What if I choose the wrong proxy?

If you choose the wrong proxy, nothing terrible will happen. It will work, but not as you need it to. For example, the connection speed may be lower, it may not support certain protocols. Be careful when choosing proxies. If in doubt, you can always contact customer support.

Is it legal to use proxy servers for ReCAPTCHA?

If you use them for legal purposes, it is legal and not prohibited. But we advise you not to violate the current legislation of your country.

Can I get a refund if the proxy does not meet the specifications?

Yes, you can get a refund for the proxy server if it does not meet the specifications. If additional difficulties or problems arise, we provide refunds to customers.

Can I use free proxies for ReCAPTCHA?

Yes, you can. But it's better not to do this. The trick with free proxies is that they are unreliable, and most of the addresses are already blacklisted by search engines. Trust only verified proxy server providers.


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