Proxy Servers for Crypto Abuse: How to Choose and What's the Difference?

Cryptocurrency is no longer something new and incomprehensible to people. Cryptocurrency is gradually taking its place in the financial and economic systems of countries. In some places, it is fully legalized, in others, the legalization process is just beginning. But the fact that it has already become commonplace for users remains unchanged. Due to its popularity and availability, people are trying to earn on new coins, get into listings, and abuse it.

What does crypto abuse mean and why are proxies used? Today, the Proxyma team will tell you everything about this phenomenon.

What is cryptocurrency abuse?

Abuse is the repeated extraction of profit from any project. This can apply to both games and cryptocurrencies. We are not interested in games, but cryptocurrencies, yes.

How do they abuse cryptocurrency? In Airdrops.

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a free process of distributing coins, tokens, NFTs. Airdrops are usually used by startups in the blockchain industry. This is a good method to stimulate trading, increase awareness of a new crypto, and expand its community.

Wallet holders can receive these tokens automatically or after performing certain actions: registration, participation in social networks, or inviting new users to the platform.

Now the popularity of crypto games or “tap games” is gaining momentum, where users are offered to show activity, earn ratings, level up characters, and complete quests. While the project is developing, the development team implements the roadmap. And at the time of the airdrop, users will receive coins or other rewards that they can sell. The more successful the project, the higher the starting price for the tokens received in the airdrop.

Who uses proxies for crypto abuse?

We have figured out the terms and principles of getting benefits from crypto and airdrops. Let's move on to who and why uses it.

There is a company that launches its crypto project. They enter the market, offering users a new game. The trend will gain momentum also because many interesting crypto games have appeared on Telegram, which are tied to TON, and a crypto wallet has appeared in the messenger itself. The project is progressing and gaining popularity. The user enters the project, begins to participate using their Telegram account. Time passes, and an airdrop is conducted. The user receives 100 coins or NFTs from the project. The listing period begins, and each of them costs, for example, 2 USD. As a result, the user received 200 USD after selling the assets (100 tokens/coins/NFTs at 2 USD each).

On the one hand, it is pleasant. On the other hand, imagine if the user has 5 accounts. And if there are 100 accounts? Yes, the numbers will be completely different. After all, if you get 200 USD from selling from each of the 100 accounts for your activity, the total amount will already be 20,000 USD. Proxies are used for such multi-accounting. The main purpose of using proxies in crypto abuse is multi-accounting.

How to choose the right proxies for crypto abuse?

When choosing proxies, you need to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Type of proxy server.
  • Speed of operation.
  • Traffic volume.
  • Server region.

But that's not all. We wrote that the key task of the user during crypto abuse is multi-accounting. This means that the user needs to quickly, simply, and efficiently manage 5, 10, or even 20 accounts for work. In this situation, not only proxies are needed, but also an anti-detect browser.

If you do not know or have not heard about what an anti-detect browser is, we have a solution for you. We offer a list of the best anti-detect browsers available on the market and a complete guide on how to use them with proxies from the Proxyma team:

  • Linken Sphere.
  • Dolphin {anty}.
  • AdsPower.
  • MuLogin.
  • ClonBrowser.
  • XLogin.
  • VMLogin.
  • Accvod.
  • ixBrowser.
  • MoreLogin.

What proxies to choose for crypto abuse? Here are some of the best options.

  • Residential proxies. These proxies provide IP addresses that are actually associated with physical devices. This makes them less suspicious to services. And security systems find it harder to detect them. This aspect is important when working with platforms that actively combat multi-accounting.
  • Rotating proxies. Rotating proxies automatically change IP addresses at certain intervals. This greatly complicates tracking the activity of a specific user.
  • SOCKS5 proxies. The SOCKS5 protocol supports both TCP and UDP, ensuring high speed and security of data transmission. This is important for cryptocurrency operations that require fast and reliable information transmission.
  • Dedicated proxies. Dedicated proxies provide exclusive IP addresses that are used by only one client. This ensures a stable and predictable connection, minimizing the risk of blocking due to "bad neighborhood" of IP addresses.

If you are unsure or want to get advice, you can always contact support. The operators will quickly answer all your questions and help you choose a package.

Why choose proxies from Proxyma?

If you haven't yet figured out where to buy proxies for crypto abuse, our team is always ready to help. Choose proxy servers from Proxyma. Why trust us?

  • Active support service that works 24/7.
  • IP address allocation is done automatically.
  • We guarantee a refund within 24 hours if there are server issues.
  • Vast selection of proxies.
  • We offer servers all over the world: from Asia to America.
  • Impressive pool of countries - over 210.
  • The lowest prices on the market: residential proxies from 1.7 USD per gigabyte.
  • Guarantee of data protection and security for users.

FAQ. Answers to Popular Questions

How much do proxies for cryptocurrency abuse cost?

You can find out the exact cost on the proxy provider's website. The price range can vary greatly, as each package has its own characteristics.

Do I need to pay attention to GEO?

Yes, you need to pay attention to GEO when choosing proxies for crypto. This is important because not all regions allow cryptocurrency, not all regions allow certain cryptocurrency exchanges.

What problems can I face when choosing proxies?

The main problem when choosing proxies is to find the right option. It must meet your expectations and needs. For example, speed of operation, traffic volume, GEO. You need to spend time finding the best option. And if you have doubts, you can always contact customer support.

What if I choose the wrong proxy?

It will work, but it may not suit your work tasks. Be careful when choosing a package of proxies for crypto abuse.

Can I get a refund if the proxy does not meet the specifications?

Yes, you can get a refund for the proxy server if it does not meet the technical specifications stated on the website. If errors or problems arise, the request will be considered individually.

Is it legal to use proxies for crypto abuse?

There is nothing criminal in this if you do not violate the current legislation of the country. You can engage in multi-accounting, but be careful with the laws of different countries and the legality of cryptocurrency in your region.


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